Friday, March 4, 2011


     Well as every frugal person knows, there is nothing more frugal then free. Over the years my mailbox is always filled with free goodies at least 3 times a week. I receive anything from free pens all the way up to a box filled with a thousand condoms (yes, i said a thousand condoms). So to me filling out forms and pages online to receive free stuff in the mail, is worth the effort. Many years back I would frequent the freebie pages daily, looking for what new freebies have been posted, and man they are vast.
     So where do you begin? Its simple, start with a google or bing search for freebies. That should give you tons of sites to go to. We have moved from site searching, to simple facebook. Facebook has pages devoted to freebies. So I thought to help you out I will give you my list of pages and facebook groups I go to for such wonderful freebies.

The Freebie Source Webpage
Free Stuff Plaza
Freakin Freebies
And there are many more, but watch out for the scam sites, wanting you sign up to do surveys.

Free Sample Page
Sample Stuff
Nanas Deals And More Which shows freebies and has contest to get free stuff

There are many, many more sites and pages out there that can get your mailbox filled everyday with freebies. Just take the time to look and you will get freebies flowing into your mailbox

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