Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to locate Pasture raised chemical free meat locally

     Do you get tired of eating and feeding your children processed foods? Would it make you happy to eat meats grown locally and raised on natural grass? Does meat not tainted with hormones, drugs, antibiotics make your mouth water? Do you want to eat safe food but dont know where and how to get it?
    Well your in luck. I have located a site that gives you lots of information plus a easy to use state locator for all your needs in this matter. The site has a direct link to local farmers page. You simply click on the link and it takes you to a map. Select your state and it has a list with the farm, its info and services they offer. To make it easier the map can be zoomed in so you can look easier to find one more close to your home. 
     This is a great site. Its are responsibility to purchase foods from farms in our area to support our own local economies. Why buy from california, when they pick it eary and ship it thousands of mile to our store. By doing that, you support there economy, pollute with the transportation of the products, not to mention all the trouble the west has with E. Coli and food poisioning or their products. 
      Support local clean chemical free farmers and check out this website. EAT WILD

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